Ann Victoria Ellwanger

"The deep inner journey is intrinsic to my life. Devoted to creativity, I enjoy using a wide assortment of expressions: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels and collage; clay is my favorite medium whether it is wheel thrown, hand built or scupture. Also using glass, enamel and copper for jewelry making and metal work, french dyes for silk painting, and broken pottery for mosaic work. Cooking, flowers and plants are an important part of my artist life, as is writing every day. I also love to sing with groups. Having been called a "color visionary" as well as a "visionary artist", my art expresses what my heart is seeing and feeling. Joy and passion are the soul signatures expressed in the creativity that comes through me. I am committed to showing up each day to let Life live me."

Dancing in the Light of the Divine Flow

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