Mary Alice Hinman

Mary ALice Hinman

Mary Alice Hinman-Gifford has been an artist and student of art for over 30 years. She has worked in various media, including oil, acrylic, and clay sculpture, but has focused on watercolor for the last 20 years. She signs her paintings in her maiden name, Hinman. She admires the French Impressionists and strives to achieve this style in her work.

Mary Alice is a native of Santa Monica. She taught elementary school and art after graduating from San Jose State University, raised a family of three, and continued her education at workshops and at painting classes at Monterey Peninsula College.

Her award-winning paintings have been shown at juried shows at the Pacific Grove Art Center, Seaside City Hall, and the Sunset Center. She is a member of the Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation and the Central Coast Art Association. She has studied under local artists Anita DeCarlo, Joe Tanus, Jan Voltr, Joseph Nordman, and Oregan artist Jan Kunz.

Mary Alice Hinman-Gifford's work is exhibited at the Navy Post Graduate gallery and the Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation Gallery at 425 Cannery Row in Monterey. She has paintings and prints for sale at the From Scratch Restaurant in the Barnyard Shopping Mall in Carmel.

For more information, email Mary Alice or phone 831.624.7911.