Lori Levine

I started painting when I was older. Although I have always loved art, it wasn't until after my senior year in high school that I took my first watercolor class at the Fresno Art Museum. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

For many reasons however, I didn't pursue my art any further except for a brief dabbling with mosaics. Many art-less years passed during which I went to college, traveled, worked, got a graduate degree, and finally started teaching English full time at a local community college. Then, when I was 35, I married a man who painted. Art came back into my life!

I started taking workshops at Esalen Institute and was painting mostly still lifes and landscapes. As I continued, I found my true love in abstract art. Many people comment that they resonate deeply with my paintings, expressing a connection and familiarity to one or more of my pieces, sometimes seeing something other-wordly. For more information, go to my website www.lorimlevine.com or visit me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lorimlevineartist.

The paintings you see here are a part of my Magical Forest Series.